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Genevieve nominates THF to benefit from her team's work

Genevieve Major (pictured 5th from left) and her team

Genevieve Major - pictured 5th from left - was one of Helen’s best friends at Aberystwyth University and has loyally supported THF since its foundation.

Genevieve is Premier Account Manager for a specialist team at Unum, dedicated to helping their customers access the services from Unum UK.  

Individuals and teams within Unum were nominated to receive the CEO Unum Award –and Gen’s team won! 

Gen writes:  “I immediately thought of Helen and you both when this came up. Our team won an award and as part of that we can each nominate a charity to receive £375 from Unum. It was never in doubt that I would chose the Helen Foundation.

I can’t think of a more deserving charity where this will make a significant difference and help support aspiring young artists.

Having my own children makes me appreciate the impact the arts in their lives has and I am so pleased that 20 years after Hels and I moved into halls in Aberystwyth together, I can do a small something to make sure her legacy is still having an impact. I shall be raising a glass to you all.”

Thank you so much Gen, such great news from a lovely friend!


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