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We sincerely hope this year that schools will continue to value the arts in children's education and be able to take advantage of the support offered by The Helen Foundation. We wish everyone all the very best!

The final week of 2021, that brought to a formal close the THF40for40 campaign, ended with a great flourish - and international support!



In a major boost, the Spinelli family in Italy donated a really generous £4040 to the THF40for40 campaign, bringing the total raised, for which the target was originally set on March 8th at £40,000 in honour of Helen’s 40th birthday year, to over £56,000 in just 9 months.

This means that schools across Teignbridge can look forward to accessing double their 2021-2022 funding which is up to £1000 for each primary school and up to £2000 for secondary and special schools. Many schools already have plans in place to use their funding to develop exciting and creative projects to enhance the arts experience of their young people.

Thank you so very much the Spinelli family!



Jen in Australia is a key part of the THF team, managing vital work on both the website and in THF’s social media. On 31st December, Jen completed the last of the 40 arts-based projects and challenges she set herself back in March 2021.

It was a monumental effort that included a wide range of artistic styles including painting, photography, mosaic, model-making and many more. Jen's persistence and determination throughout were outstanding and we congratulate her on her achievement.

Just brilliant Jen! Here’s just a sample of some of Jen’s projects:


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