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Canada Hill School at East Ogwell has always made good use of their annual THF subsidy and was one of the first schools in Teignbridge to hold a THF Rangoli workshop in 2007, created from seeds and fruits!

Alan Bartlett, Deputy Head at Canada Hill School East Ogwell applied to THF for support for a truly ambitious community arts project that the school has conceived as it seeks to help its youngsters recover from the effects of the pandemic. Here’s what Alan said:

"Our worry now, is what will children look forward to in the coming months when COVID is still very much a problem and people are still wearing masks and making them wash their hands throughout the day. Hopefully, the end is in sight and we will return to a far more normal existence. We want to find a way to make it clear to the children that the danger has passed, once the vaccination program has done its job. Small children need to know it is safe again.

FIELD OF HOPE So... we have come up with an idea for a magnificent art installation for the whole community. We want to create hundreds of ceramic daffodils with the children and wider community that we will 'plant' on the school field as an art installation to celebrate the end of the pandemic. We will also transplant the installation and ‘replant’ it on the village green for local residents to enjoy: our Field of Hope of over 400 ceramic daffodils!

We would also want people to add their hopes and dreams to each daffodil as we look to the future. We love the idea that we have all been like little isolated bulbs hiding underground but once the pandemic is over we can bloom again. In order to engage the local community, we will also offer small packs of clay to local people so that they can make their own flower and return it to school to be glazed and fired." You have to admire the sheer creativity and ambition of the visions that some schools have as they cope with unprecedented challenges both within the school and in their wider communities. They fully understand the unique power of the arts to uplift spirits, generate fresh hope and create bonds within communities. We’ll keep you posted with progress on the project.


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