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THF gets support from the CO-OP

Can you continue to help us? We recently received this email from April Armstrong, Local Giving Manager for Co-op, telling about important changes to the scheme. And we only have one more month of support!  Do help us!

"As one of our local causes we wanted to let you know that Co-op Membership is changing.

These changes won’t affect your cause directly or your involvement in the Local Community Fund, and you will still receive 1p for every £1 that members spend on selected Co-op branded products and services when a member selects your cause to donate to.

As a Co-op, we’re doing even more to give your communities a helping hand. From today, Wednesday 30 September, when a member buys selected Co-op branded products and services, 2p from every £1 spent will be awarded to the member to spend on future Co-op purchases and we’ll also give  the same amount to local communities.  

So, in addition to the Local Community Fund which you’re a part of, we’ll be making further investments in our communities through the new Community Partnerships Fund. This will help us create lasting change on the big  issues we care about - access to food, support for mental wellbeing and providing education and employment opportunities for young people. We’ll tackle these issues with like-minded organisations to co-operate for a fairer world, targeting communities that need the extra help the most.

The Co-op App

Your cause will continue to accumulate funds from Co-op Members until Saturday 24 October, when the Giving Period ends. 

To help you increase funding for your project, we’ve now made it even simpler for Co-op Members to choose you as their cause. You can now encourage Co-op Members to download our new Co-op App, available on the App Store or Google Play.

Click this link and share details about our Co-op App on your social media pages. We’ll be emailing our Co-op Members shortly too, encouraging them to select a cause if they haven’t already! So together, we can help increase funding for your cause.

Best wishes,

April Armstrong   Local Giving Manager


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