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THF Fundraising Update April 2019

The Helen Foundation depends for its success on donations from a wide variety of local sources, including through its collecting pots located in businesses and organisations across Teignbridge. Trustees are very grateful for this continuing support. Particular individuals and organisations have been especially generous recently including:

Our Lady and St Patrick Primary School, Teignmouth Our Lady and Saint Patrick recently raised £69 through World Book Day parent contributions, to support THF. We are very grateful to OLSP and all the schools that make the effort to raise funds for the charity. Without support from a wide range of Teignbridge-based organisations, including schools, THF would not be able to continue its work.

Richard Westlake Richard is a keen supporter of the arts for young people. With fine art among his many interests, he models for local Art Society life drawing classes.  As part of his own charitable giving, he has for the past year donated the fees he receives for his modelling to the Foundation, amounting to several hundreds of pounds. Trustees are very grateful to Richard for his most welcome support and wish him success with future arts-based ventures.

We swear by THF... Helen Foundation supporter Sarah Merritt persuaded two of her colleagues Tracy and Kaz, to join her in raising funds for THF. They started a swearbox inYe Olde Jolly Sailor pub in Teignmouth and raised £100 in one year! That’s a lot of $@&%*! language! Thank you so much Sarah and friends for your witty and generous contribution to Foundation funds.

Hilary and Ken Chadwick-Dawson Hilary and Ken have been staunch supporters of THF since the charity began in 2006. Each year they make a donation to the Foundation, and we are always delighted to hear from them and we truly treasure their love and generosity.

World's smallest jigsaw library

Fred and Wenna Curry of Doone Cottage, Shaldon TQ14 0ES have been staunch supporters of The Helen Foundation since it began. THF has frequently benefited from donations from the fund-raising they carry out each year that benefits many charities.This year they have set up The Jigsaw Library - in the front porch of their house! Puzzles can be borrowed for a donation of £1 to THF - and it's already going well.  Brilliant!  Another first for Fred and Wenna!  Thank you so much.

In Memoriam THF has recently been honoured by being the recipient of donations at the funerals of two well-known and highly respected Teignbridge individuals.

Dr Rosamund Cooling was a much-loved GP for over 40 years and Richard Gregory, was a gifted animatronics designer and model-maker whose credits included Thunderbirds 1965, Skyfall, Quantum of Solace, Dr Who andBatman.


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