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THF Bursary holders making great progress

THF has had feedback from the teachers of THF-supported bursary holders currently working on their musical development at JJ's Arts Academy. THF bursaries are awarded to young people with real talent and drive in their chosen art but who lack the financial means to achieve their ambitions.   THF has enjoyed a long and highly-successful partnership with JJ’s and we very much value the work of owner and director Joanna Walling, and her team, in supporting young people on their musical journeys.  It's so good to see the progress that current bursary-holders have made, and how adaptable they - and their teachers - have had to be as lessons have currently moved online. Here's a flavour of how they are doing. Names have been changed to protect their identities. 

Corrie It is amazing what Corrie has accomplished in a couple of years.To be competently tackling Grade 7 pieces in such a short time shows he's got a real talent.

Nat Nat’s music-reading skills have increased significantly and, combined with his natural musicality, his pieces are developing well. Nat is also working on blues scales and accompanying patterns which will be essential for the improvisational element of the exam.

Oliver In the last year, Oliver has continued to develop very well in his guitar-playing. He is a well organised and self-motivated. Oliver is firmly ploughing on towards the end of the book and is en route to taking his grade 5 very soon. 

Will Will has been making fantastic progress on his grade 4 pieces and technical exercises. His behaviour and attitude towards learning the drums has considerably improved this year, as well as his technical ability across the drum kit.

Gracie She enjoys popular music as well as musical theatre and it is great that she is part of a singing group. Recently, Gracie has been learning the song Lovely and demonstrated good tone and excellent phrasing, standing her in good stead for starting work towards grade 5.


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