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THF Bursaries - September 2019

Trustees of THF have approved 10 new bursaries so far this year, totalling over £3000, to young people in Teignbridge with talents and ambitions in the arts but whose families lack the financial means to help them pursue their dreams. 

Youngsters aged between 11-19 and with long-term residency in Teignbridge may apply. Those seeking bursaries complete applications forms that need to be endorsed by an adult professional such as a teacher, youth leader, or drama director. Trustees evaluate the eligibility of the application and, if approved, see the young person with a parent or carer and verify the family’s financial eligibility.

Kelis Rabley Kelis is a highly talented and successful dancer who has received support from THF on several occasions, including this summer.

Kelis's mother writes: "Kelis and I are hugely grateful to The Helen Foundation for once again agreeing to some funding support for Kelis to go to the Dance World  Cup  this year which was in Braga, Portugal.

Kelis was part of 4 groups including a song and dance group which got Gold, and ballet group which came 4th against some very tough competition. This same ballet group has just got Gold at the All England National finals in High Wycombe along with our fabulous 42nd St dance which also got Gold at the Dance World Cup last year. 

Kelis are and I are in awe of the work you do and although we didn’t know Helen we both feel that she definitely lives on in all of the work you do and would be very proud of you both, as you obviously are of her."

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