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The Helen Foundation Awards - November 2019

Max Barker - Starcross School

The school citation reads: Max has been awarded the Helen Foundation prize for his continuous effort in art and design. His journey began in Foundation and has continued up in to Year 6. Max was a unanimous vote from the staff that have taught him, and they had the following comments:

"Max always pays a lot of attention to detail. He doesn’t stop until it is completed and he is happy with it." Mrs Vanderford

Max has great determination and perseverance with his art projects. He always strives to get it exactly as he wants it. He is also very modest with what he produces."  Mr Cross "Max inspires other people to have a go."  Miss Barker

"Max, you have a real talent for art. Keep it up!" Miss Mann

"Max has received some lovely comments and it was wonderful to see that all of his class friends agreed with the award. They know how good he is at art and often ask for his advice for their own work." 

Well done Max!

Sarah Van Can - Christow School The school citation reads: "Sarah has a fantastic eye for detail and has worked very hard throughout her time at Christow, producing some lovely art work."

Her mother said: "Winning the award was a dream come true for Sarah, as that is the one award she really wanted.  Sarah was over the moon at winning it, as we were too when she won the award!"

Well done Sarah!

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