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The Northcott Theatre, Exeter offered 100 tickets free to needy families in Teignbridge for their current show - A Christmas Carol. The theatre contacted THF to ask if we could help reach suitable families and information went out to all schools in Teignbridge. There was a terrific response and the offer was all taken up within 48 hours.

The Northcott Theatre wrote: "The free tickets we are offering are the result of our Pay it Forward charity drive. We do this every Christmas and link with local charities and organisations to offer free tickets to families they work with, so they can visit the theatre at Christmas."

So it is the Northcott that deserves the credit here. Each of the "free" tickets was paid for by a kind donor who wanted to share the joy of theatre with those who could not normally afford the experience.

Great work, Exeter Northcott and Le Navet Bete theatre company. And a HUGE thanks to your generous donors. We absolutely loved this joyous show when we saw it recently!


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