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Head of Year 8 and art teacher Ellie Wilson has successfully applied for support from the THF ARTS RECOVERY FUND. She writes:

“We have decided to invite students to create a large sculpture. We will select students that we recognize may need confidence building in the arts or who may not have had this opportunity before.

We would work on building new sculpture skills, techniques, group work and team building. We wish to create a sense of achievement and celebrate the work within the community. We hope to use the collaborative piece as part of the exhibition which runs throughout the summer on Teignmouth seafront.”

This is a terrific project! T.R.A.I.L. is an artists-led organisation exploring the themes of recycling and the environment through an annual gallery exhibition and sculpture trail in the popular coastal region of Teignbridge in South Devon. Artists of all ages and levels of skill use recycled materials in a variety of creative ways to explore the relationship beween human beings and their environment. Thousands of visitors flock to Teignmouth every summer, and the T.R.A.I.L. exhibition is a distinctive feature of the town’s summer arts scene. We look forward to the TCS sculpture!


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