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Artist Peter Margerum ran a superb two-day wood sculpture project at Bradley Barton school workshop,resulting in a permanent enhancement of the school site. The sculptures celebrate the school’s 40th birthday and reflect overcoming adversity/resilience over the past year. 30 KS2 pupils took part. In addition, Peter worked with the children and used the school’s own ash wood slices to create additional low markers/stepping stones/seating surfaces.



The school wrote: "Local artist James Hedge came into school to work with our Year 6 pupils. The workshop was funded by the Helen Foundation and organised through Daisi. We would like to thank the Helen Foundation for their continued support over the years. We are looking forward to when we can invite parents back into school again to view some of the great art work that has been going on. "The children enjoyed a day creating some artwork panels. They designed images to represent the whole school values (Happy, Respect, Successful, Responsible) and these were then printed on to large painting panels. Using techniques such as, stencilling,stamping and paint-rolling, the children created these wonderful, colourful artworks." Artist James Hedge wrote: "On the day of my visit I found the school staff really welcoming. The head and lead teacher showed me around the school. I was impressed by the organisation of space and thought the school makes good use of the facilities it has. We ran the workshop outside, under a covered area. We had lots of space, a good view and water for washing was close at hand. The pupils of Abbotskerswell were engaged, keen to bring their work to life and the results were great. Thanks Abbotskerswell, the The Helen Foundation and Daisi for making it possible."

Pupils wrote: "Thank you for showing us new art skills." - Ralph

"I learned how to use stencils and different ways of painting." - Matilda

"I would like to paint a gloomy forest because I like painting." - Eleanor



T.R.A.I.L. is an artists-led organisation exploring the themes of recycling and the environment through an annual gallery exhibition and sculpture trail in the popular coastal region of Teignbridge in South Devon. Artists of all ages and levels of skill use recycled materials in a variety of creative ways to explore the relationship beween human beings and their environment. Thousands of visitors flock to Teignmouth every summer, and the T.R.A.I.L. exhibition is a distinctive feature of the town’s summer arts scene.

Ellie Wilson, art teacher and Head of Year 8 at Teignmouth Community School, successfully applied for THF funding for a ambitious project to create a sculpture for this year's highly successful exhibition. Artist Amy McCarthy led the project. Students at the school also worked with the Teignmouth Sea Scouts. Ellie writes:

"We’ve had the best time making this and the students have loved it. It has been such a good opportunity for them and the parents have been so excited to go to the seafront and have a look. The Sea Cadets donated the boats - which have been brilliant - and lugged them up to the art room one evening to allow us to work on them. They were far heavier than I ever thought and the entire caretaking team moved them to the beach in return for cake! Amy McCarthy has been superb and the art team have all learnt new skills which we can forward on in the classroom. Our technology department joined in and cut bits out with very noisy tools ,but without the students getting stuck in themselves, we wouldn’t have done this. They worked so well as a team.

I cannot thank all in The Helen Foundation enough. You have given us such a good opportunity and it’s been so brilliant this time of year to wrap up the end of a difficult term."

Students wrote:

"I enjoyed making the boat as it let our creative juices run wild! It also showed us new art skills." - Elliot

"I enjoyed the workshop! The thing I found hardest to do was the eyes on the fish because the paint wouldn’t dry. I learned that when the spray paint was drying it is sticky and also not to spray your shoes! I had lots of fun!" - Emily


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