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Supported by a subsidy from The Helen Foundation, artist Helen Plant ran a two-day workshop at Kenn Primary School recently, involving all Key Stage 1 and 2 children. The school worked with Helen to devise a workshop that would display on large fabric banners Kenn’s newly-developed vision and values: 'Sow the seeds of kindness, courage and faith in God’s good ground'. 

KS1 pupils painted the fabric and KS2 used a collage and applique techniques to create the designs for display.  There are four banners.  The main banner is approx. 1 m x 1.50 in landscape format and displays the school’s vision.

THF trustees Annie and Roger Kirk visited the workshop to witness at first-hand the hard-work and concentration of the children on their tasks.It was a very fulfilling project with children all making their own contribution. Well done everyone at Kenn and a big thank you to Helen Plant for maintaining the necessary momentum and support throughout this most creative of projects.

The children said: (names changed to protect their identities):

David   "I loved the use of colour."

Annie    "It was a lovely calm lesson."

Philip    "It was spectacular! I really liked the words that were in the art work."

Stan      "It was really relaxing and I really enjoyed doing it."

Gaynor  "I loved how we all got a turn and got to add to the artwork."

Artist Helen Plant comments:

"This has been a lovely paint, print and collage project with Kenn Primary School. It’s lovely going back to a school and being known as ‘the art lady’."


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