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A very big THANK YOU once again to those of you who have bought tickets for the Teignbridge Lottery and stayed with us since we joined the scheme last year, helping to raise over £1200 for THF.  We had five winners last month, including a very happy cash winner!  Visit HERE  to join up.

On top of the regular cash prizes, the Teignbridge Lottery offers a monthly special prize.

On top of the cash prizes, there's a monthly special prize and February's is an amazing Nintendo Switch mega bundle! And here's the showstopper - all of this gaming magic doesn't just come to life in your hands. Also included in the bundle is a colossal 50” UltraHD Smart TV  to catapult your play onto the big screen! Vivid colours, stunning clarity, and a world of entertainment at your fingertips, or you can take £1000 instead! 


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