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In South Devon Community College, Ashburton, teacher of Design and Technology Gizela Daemi-Rashidi organised a series of arts workshops with a range of artists that resulted in a very impressive major exhibition of students' work. In order to make the exhibition possible, new display boards and materials were needed and purchases were made possible by a grant of £1000 from The Helen Foundation Arts Recovery Fund.

Gizela wrote afterwards:

"The Helen Foundation facilitated a wonderfully creative, and deep learning experiences for all students involved at South Dartmoor Community College. Without the Foundation's generous financial support, it would have been impossible to run such an activity. It was truly eye opening for our students to appreciate the high level of artistic enterprise and expression that is happening in the local area. This proved highly inspirational and motivational for our young people who are interesting in expressing their creativity within employment after leaving the college. The ability of Art to express and communicate emotions was very powerful. The use of visual language to communicate personal responses was highly evident throughout the day. This not only created a moving and thought-provoking experience, but its deep effect on promoting wellbeing cannot be underestimated."


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