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Flo Witcombe  from Orchard Manor writes:

"Just before half term some of our pupils took part in 'Connecting with Rhythm' workshop with Lyndon Forster, a registered Daisi Arts artist. 

They created simple beats and played a wide variety of percussion instruments from African drums to wooden frog guiros and glockenspiels to the big Samba Surdo kits. Favourite ,though, were the handpans that Lyndon brought along! They were AMAZING and we all loved playing these idiophonic instruments - they sounded so beautiful and were such a relaxing way to end the workshops. The most striking thing I took away from Lyndon's workshops was the 'magical power of the HandPan'.

I have seen them played by adults but I'd never experienced the joy of watching children using them. This was truly inspirational and moving. We will be saving up to buy one for school!"

"Our day was funded by local charity The Helen Foundation - who provide rich, creative and inspirational experiences for schools across Teignbridge 

We are very grateful to them for providing an opportunity for our students to be feel included, relaxed and confident enough to contribute creatively in brand new musical experiences."

Artist Lyndon Forster writes:

"I had the absolute privilege of spending the day with pupils and staff at Orchard Manor School a couple of weeks back. I ran 3 different workshops, and we spent the day connecting with rhythm and exploring all sorts of instruments together. We all had such fun! "


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