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Nme artist support

This stunning image appears on a sheer buttress wall facing the sea on Ness Beach, Shaldon. Helen loved Ness Beach - so near her home and so very beautiful. What an amazing surprise, therefore, when we saw this image appear overnight with its tag line exactly the same as THF's - Dare to Dream.

The young person - could be a girl or a boy - is dreaming their dreams...The creator of the image is Nme, who is a self-taught artist living in Dawlish. Click here for his website.

He says about his methods:  "I just put pencil to paper, knife to card, and hand to can, and try to let the magic happen. It's my labour of love and way of life. I live by... the paint and will probably die by the fumes. It’s just what I do" – Nme

We had the privilege of meeting Nme, with his little son, and he very generously donated an original acrylic on wood copy of his Dare to Dream image to The Helen Foundation for a 2020 fund-raising auction. Watch this space for details!

Thank you SO MUCH, Nme. You are a star!


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