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JEN'S CREATIVE PROJECTS Brilliant THF supporter Jen Quinlin in Melbourne, Australia, has already finished the first of her 40 challenges. This is the first of Jen's 40 creative projects to be completed by the end of 2021! The work was complicated by instructions totally in Chinese - and myriads of tiny components to create this miniature chocolatier store. Jen, with her props-making expertise and armed with a pair of tweezers, completed the project in just a weekend ... Go Jen Go! CLICK HERE to support Jen.

JAN'S QUILTING California-based Jan O'Neill has pledged to making 40 different star blocks in 40 weeks to make a handsome double-bed modern quilt for sale or auction before Christmas.

LEE'S 400 MILE TREK Lee's plan this summer is to cycle the 400 miles from north Buckinghamshire to Shaldon in Devon. Lee will share what he raises between THF and the NSPCC. You can sponsor Lee by CLICKING HERE.

KEVIN'S MOUNTAIN CHALLENGE Kevin Saunders, a great friend of Helen's from university days, is planning a trek in the Welsh mountains this summer.

How about creating your own challenge?


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