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Marilyn's piano donation arrives at JJ's

THF supporter Marilyn Field donated this beautiful piano to the Foundation

The beautiful baby-grand piano, so generously donated to THF by long-term supporter Marilyn Field, is now fully installed on its long-term loan at JJ’s Arts Academy, and already being enjoyed by the academy’s advanced piano students.

Marilyn is a retired teacher and loves music. She is currently downsizing and needed to find a home for her much loved piano - a beautiful baby-grand.Marilyn has had the piano lovingly restored and approached The Helen Foundation to see if they could find a good home where young people could access the piano and enjoy playing this gorgeous instrument.

For many years, The Helen Foundation has worked closely with JJ’s Arts Academy in Newton Abbot, providing up to 8 bursaries a year to talented youngsters needing financial support to pursue their love of music.

When THF contacted Director Joanna Walling with the prospect of loaning the instrument to the Academy, Joanna was delighted. The piano will be available for the advanced piano students at the academy. Marilyn is delighted that another generation of young musicians will benefit from using this high-quality instrument for many years to come. 

Trustees of the Foundation are so grateful to Marilyn for this very special gift. A big hug and thank you to her for her support, always. Thank you once again, Marilyn!


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