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Promoting arts workshops in schools across Teignbridge is at the heart of THF’s mission to offer creative and inspiring experiences for the widest range of young people. THF works closely with Daisi, the Devon-based arts charity, itself dedicated to fostering “arts inspired learning for young people and communities.” Each year, THF offers schools subsidies that pays artists’ professional fees for particular arts projects for their young people, whether that’s in music, drama, art, sculpture, dance, textiles or printing.

This summer has seen a wealth of workshops across Teignbridge. Here is a flavour of just some of them. Others that happened late in June and in July will feature in later THF newsletters.



Bearnes recently had a fabulous two-day workshop led by artist James Lake.

Bearnes School writes:

"The Helen Foundation, facilitated by Daisi, have funded two full-day workshops for our children to experience this week. It’s been an incredible opportunity and we have had an amazing time building a tree from scratch and decorating it with birds and leaves. Thank you to James Lake, an internationally recognised artist who works primarily with cardboard to create lifelike sculptures, showed us how to create 3D models with precision and creativity."

We have also explored construction and learned how to manipulate wire. A lasting display has been created which we are very proud of and will serve as a great memory. We would like to express our thanks and appreciation again to The Helen Foundation for supporting Bearnes and enabling our children to participate in such a wonderful event: without its support this event would not be possible."



Chudleigh School had an intensive two-day workshop with artist Jess Carver with a fully hands-on experience of designing and making a felt wall-hanging.

The school requested a project "to create a wall hanging with a group of gifted and talented children from years 5 + 6 around the theme Flourish and Grow.’'

The school writes:

"This was a fabulous opportunity for the children to spend time with a professional artist and see their ideas and creativity shaped into something tangible for all to enjoy . As, ever we are grateful to The Helen Foundation for their support and look forward to seeing the results of their hard work."

Feedback from the children and pictures of the completed felt coming soon!



As a lead up to the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, Denbury wanted to give all its pupils a very special arts experience, to kick-start the school’s Art Week. Working with air-dried clay with artist Anna Boland, KS2 students made pinch-pots and a Jubilee-themed tea cup with handle and saucer. Learning skills in rolling and cutting clay to make a coil cup and also cutting slab shapes to join together and shape their pieces, they combined both techniques. Once dried a week or so later, the pupils were able to decorate their work.

Denbury said: "The workshops were brilliant, thanks. Anna was super and the children loved it!"

The children were equally enthused:

"I really enjoyed designing and putting slip on the handles." Ethan

"Dear Anna, thank you for the wonderful work that you do for us. I really enjoyed decorating the pots." Oliver

"I learned that when you join two pieces of clay together you need to zig-zag it. It was really fun." Chloe

"I'm quite an arty person myself. I love art and discovering new things. I'm very very pleased with my last result. Thank you! " Farrell

"I found the slab pots difficult because it was hard to stick the slabs together but in the end I succeeded." Oliver



Another whole school arts project on a Jubilee theme was at Christow. Over two days, artist Helen Plant led felting workshops in which all children contributed to a collaborative class piece to make a final display measuring 250cm square. The felting workshops tied in with the country-wide theme of a “Green Canopy” to celebrate the Jubilee with tree planting being encouraged. Landscape designs were explored based on the local area, featuring trees and using the Teign River as the ‘platinum’ element running through them all with silvery threads etc.In preparation for the workshop, the children made tree and landscape designs.

The results are stunning!

And the children really loved the workshops.

"My favourite part was rubbing all the soap in! Another great thing was we got to miss some lessons. I had loads of fun and also really loved seeing all the fun bright colours. Overall, I LOVED this!" Ellie

"In my group we were using soap and water. It was very hard to cover all the spots but we got there in the end. I didn't realise that pouring water on the art work would take so many tries and that it had to be warm." Honey

"I learned that it is possible to to use soap for sticking stuff together." Ben

"The idea of the platinum river was lovely." Poppy

"I loved pulling apart wool and forming different pictures of a river, oak tree and a rock and sky, and putting them together. Thank you Helen Foundation and Daisi for an amazing experience." Harriet


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