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As a result of this year’s successful fund-raising, THF is able to offer all state-funded schools in Teignbridge a significant increase on last year’s funding.

This academic year, 2021-2022, primary schools are offered £500 while secondary and specials schools £1000 are offered for arts workshops run by professional artists. Added to these totals is the funding available to schools from the special THF arts recovery fund (ARF) to spend on their own arts priorities. This could be for further (or more extended) arts workshops, or funds for materials or for other arts uses like mounting concerts and productions. Each school can decide its own priorities.

Together this means that primary schools can access £1000 and primaries and secondaries £2000 (Some schools already accessed their ARF offer last term.) Details of how schools can access this funding will be sent again to schools towards the end of this month via email from Daisi. We ask all schools to check that they have received this important email. We look forward to an especially successful arts year as COVID restrictions are reduced and activities become easier to manage. Very best wishes to all schools and colleges


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