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Fundraising update - December 2019

The Helen Foundation depends for its success on donations from a wide variety of local sources, including through its collecting pots located in businesses and organisations across Teignbridge.  Trustees are very grateful for this continuing support.

 Particular organisations have been especially generous recently. The Teignmouth Players have a special place in the hearts of the Kirk family, as the company was where Helen enjoyed some of her earliest theatrical experiences, gaining hugely from the company's encouragement and support, firstly in the youth wing, Tykes, and later in the adult company.

Over many years, the Players have supported THF, and this year they offered the profits from one of their performances of Stepping Out, and from a 50p levy on programme sales throughout the play's run. And what a success it was, raising £1160.61 for THF. 

Thank you Players for such long and loyal support!

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