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The classes at Starcross Primary School are all named after birds that can be seen at the nearby internationally-renowned Dawlish Warren Nature Reserve. Recently, Razorbills class enjoyed a brilliant workshop with artist Alistair Lambert and the school wrote saying:

"Razorbills class had an amazing opportunity working with Alistair, creating artwork of the local estuary birds that the school's classes are named after: Sanderlings, Sandpipers, Kittiwakes, Curlews, Oystercatchers, Avocets and Razorbills.

Alistair's workshop was subsidised by the Helen Foundation, who work in partnership with Daisi. The students took their work from 2D collages to 3D dioramas using some complex techniques and learning how to really make their work stand out!

 Alistair took the class through each stage of the process to show them the skills they needed to be able to make their designs come to life. With a flurry of activity, card, paper, tape and glue, all the children - regardless of need or barrier - were able to produce a design that they were very proud of. 

Starcross will proudly display the children's work outside each classroom for the whole school to enjoy."

The children said: (names changed to protect their privacy)

“Thank you very much for helping us make some wonderful birds. It was very exciting that we could experience a proper artist coming into our school. We really enjoyed doing this. AIAA stands for 'Alistair Is An Artist!' "   - Ellis

"The art workshop was AMAZING!. I loved it. It was one of my dreams to meet an artist. I did find it a bit tricky making the birds, but I still loved it. So THANK YOU!"  -  Angela

"I really enjoyed making bird sculptures. It was really fun. I liked Alistair because he was funny, and he taught me a new way to make bird beaks!      -   Aurelie

"Pros: Everyone could express their creative side, and have no need to be sceptical.

Cons: Maybe next time, don't have such big groups, as arguments are highly probable. Thank you!"  - Barbara


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