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It's always lovely to have feedback from readers of the THF newsletter and we were particularly struck last month by reactions from readers of the newsletter. Here's a sample:

“Absolutely wonderful work!! The Helen Foundation is brilliant!”

Diana Bell

“I feel overwhelmed with pride and pleasure to applaud the outstanding efforts of all involved in 40for40 for Helen. It has been an amazing achievement and so heartwarming to read the newsletter and see the enrichment of young lives especially in this dark and difficult time of lockdown and isolation.

Congratulations to everyone.”

Carole Blow

“I want to thank you for sending the newsletter. It just amazes me as how creative students can be when they are given the tools and freedom to express themselves. You are doing a great job.”

Norman Jacobson

We love to hear from any of our readers and if you wish to post a comment, please reply via THIS LINK.


Last month we brought you news of the The Northcott Theatre, Exeter offering 100 tickets, paid for by kind theatre-loving Northcott supporters, that were donated free to needy families in Teignbridge for their smash-hit show - A Christmas Carol. The theatre contacted THF to ask if we could help reach suitable families and information went out to all schools in Teignbridge. There was a terrific response and the offer was all taken up within 48 hours. Here's some feedback from families that were able to take up the offer:

“Tyler told me it was the first time that he had even been to the theatre and absolutely loved it. He enjoyed the play and just going.”

“Kacey’s parents liked it so much they are hoping to go back with the younger ones as a whole family (maybe next year )and Kacey definitely wants to return to the theatre again. Thank-you so very much.”

“Had a wonderful time watching A Christmas Carol, the kids enjoyed their first experience in a theatre - will go again. Thank you”

“Just wanted to forward another thank you for the tickets. We went as a family this evening and I have to say it was the best funniest, most imaginative production of a classic that I have ever seen. We laughed all the way through - thank you. Thank you so much! Tt has got our Xmas off to a lovely start.”

“Firstly thank you so much for the invite to A Christmas Carol. We absolutely loved the show. Mike and I were in stitches, James laughed at the slap-stick parts but he was a little lost at the jokes! It was incredible to watch the 4 actors play so many different parts. We had so many laughs and were left very impressed.”

“Thank you so much for enabling my daughter and I to go to the theatre. Although she was a little dubious at first she loved it and has told her friends how 4 people played 34 roles! I particularly loved the East 17 tribute at the end, I haven't laughed so much in ages.”


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