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Extra support for Schools and Colleges

THF recognises just how pressed schools are in terms of curriculum time, coping with Covid and finding the resources to run arts-based workshops. This academic year, THF trustees increased its support to schools.

THF wants strongly to encourage schools to try and ensure that a rich arts experience for young people also remains a key part of their curriculum. This year, trustees have raised the offer to £400 for primary schools and £800 for secondary and special schools across Teignbridge. Many schools and colleges make excellent use of the annual THF subsidies and we look forward to discussing with them exciting opportunities for this year's arts workshop activities.

THF works closely with another young people’s arts charity - daisi - who have an impressive range of practising artists on their register with expertise and enthusiasm for working with young people in school contexts.

We warmly invite schools and colleges to contact daisi and use their THF subsidy to arrange arts-based workshops carefully tailored to their own needs, including the possibility of bespoke on-line workshops, ideal for our Covid-affected times. Contact daisi for more details.


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