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The college writes:

"Year 10 Art students were given a 1-day Digital Collage workshop using nature as their inspiration, working alongside the artist Monica Shanta.As a starting point, the students were given the space of the college garden to photograph, paying particular interest to the natural formation and geometry found in the plants. Students were using the Kaleidoscope app on their phones whilst taking the photos to capture a range of surprisingly interesting outcomes. These images were then taken back to the classroom to edit, explore and manipulate using the Kaleidoscope and layout app.

To further explore their images, Monica demonstrated ways to then print natural forms over the top of their printed outcomes. The Year 10's produced a strong body of work in and out of their sketchbooks, which will become part of their GCSE coursework portfolio.

The opportunity to watch and work directly from the artist was a real inspiration to the students and us as teachers - learning a new approach to making art. A special thanks to The Helen Foundation, for funding the 2-day workshop and DAISI for providing us with a fantastic workshop."

The students said:

"I learned how to monoprint and found it really enjoyable." Logan

"It was wonderful to have this exciting new experience". Mia

"I have improved my digital art skills by adding different variations of kaleidoscope pictures." Amelia

"I have never done anything like this before." Aaron


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