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Late last term, Daisi-registered artist Anna Boland ran a very enjoyable clay workshop at Saint Mary's School, Buckfast. Pupils were introduced to techniques such as coiling, joining, and attaching, to create unique individual 3-D self-portraits. When dry, these portraits can be further enhanced by painting. Such a busy and hands-on experience for everyone involved! The children said (names changed to protect their identities):

"Thank you for letting us make some wonderful clay pieces. I really enjoyed it. My hands may have got dirty but it was fine! "   Ellie

"I loved using the clay to do a model of a head and thank you for letting me and Alfie build Unspeakable the Frog. I love the smoothness of the clay." Ryan

"I loved it because I got to learn new ways to make clay models. I think I am quite good at it!"  Aidan

"I enjoyed making all the creatures because I am different from anybody else in the world, so I need to make completely different creatures compared to everyone else."  Josie


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