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Multi-talented artist and illustrator Cara Roxanne recently led a 'Colour Mixing with Paint' Helen Foundation-funded workshop with Year 3 children at Chudleigh Primary. 

In this workshop, youngsters explored paint and tone. They mixed a range of colours, created a colour-wheel and compared the effects of one colour alongside another. In so doing, youngsters learned to consider and discuss the feelings conveyed by different tones and colours. Guided by Cara, they learned how to really observe the shapes and textures of lots of plants that they gathered themselves from the wild - and took some first steps into botanical art. A really engaging workshop!

The children said: (names changed to protect their identities):

"I am joyfully writing to say a big thank you and to say what I liked and what I learnt. My favourite part was the whole workshop." Cassie

"My favourite part was when we were mixing the watercolours to put them on the colour wheel and naming them because I liked being creative."  Maisy

"The part I found tricky was labelling the colours with my own made-up names. Purple was the hardest! I hope to work with you again soon." Jake

"My favourite part was painting the leaves because I found so many §different shades of green."   Joanna

"I really enjoyed sketching the leaves because I have never spent so much time on one leaf."  Eric


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