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Supported by The Helen Foundation, artist Monica Shanta led a workshop at Chudleigh Knighton exploring abstract art, with Kandinsky as the inspiration. The children discussed the use of colour, shape and composition and how art can be a way of expressing emotion or conveying a message.Charlotte Perkins, the lead teacher said: "The children had a wonderful day!"

In their feedback, the children said:

"I really enjoyed your activities. My favourite part of the day was the colour conversation and also the part with the working groups and made a big sheet of art." Josie

"I really enjoyed the big paintings, even when I was the only one filling in the white bits of paper! And there were at least 30 bottles of paint!" James "My favourite part was when we were drawing emotions with happy and sad colours and drawing with different things including charcoal, pens and rubbers". Ahme


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