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Christow School has always been very creative with their use of their Helen Foundation (THF) subsidy for arts-based workshops. From felting to mosaics to wall paintings, music ,drama - they have being able to draw on a wide range of artists made possible by THF's close partnership with Daisi.

This term, they invited Peter Margerum to run a day workshop with all pupils in the school. It was very busy and very exciting! After an introduction, the children set to with a will to create 3D sculptures of their own mythical beasts, made from recycled materials.

The sculptures were then attached to the chain-link fence running alongside the playground, bringing lovely colour, shapes and interest to something usually boring. The designs were based on mythical creatures which the children first created in drawings that turned into 3D shapes.


The children said:

"I loved it because Peter was really kind and he has given me the idea to inspire and teach other girls and boys. Our group made a giant squid and it looks amazing," Eddie

 "I found making our own sea creatures very fun and loved the fact that it was all recycled. Thank you so much." Ellie

"I really liked this visit because you can create whatever you want. It's nice that our sea creatures can hang up in our school." Tristan

 "I really liked it when Peter came to our school on art day. The sculptures are still standing!" Phoebe


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