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Bursaries - December 2020

Trustees of THF have approved 12 new bursaries so far this year, totalling over £3000, to young people Teignbridge with talents and ambitions in the arts, but whose families lack the financial means to help them pursue their dreams. Youngsters aged between 7-19 and with long-term residency in Teignbridge may apply.

Those seeking bursaries complete applications forms that need to be endorsed by an adult professional such as a teacher, youth leader, or drama director. Trustees evaluate the eligibility of the application and, if approved, see the young person with a parent or carer and verify the family’s financial eligibility.

One of this year's bursary holders is Izzy. Izzy needed support for her course at the national renowned Foundation Art course at KEVICC in Totnes. Highly focused and talented, Izzy has been working really hard.

Her father wrote to us recently saying: "She is being pushed into trying all the flavours in a box of chocolates so to speak! For example she has been shredding paper to make her own and has made a natural-style large and miniature book with seaweed designs. The seaweed was collected from a local beach! Then recently, in virtual darkness, she was outside with her easel. I now know what her motive was... see attached. I am impressed as I am sure you will be!"

And we are! Well done Izzy. All the very best on your course!


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