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To support their aspirations in the arts, THF bursaries are available for talented and ambitious young people up to the age of 19 who are living in Teignbridge and attending secondary schools/colleges. Bursaries support those facing financial challenges in achieving their aims. Full details are available on the bursary application page by clicking here: THF website. Eligibility criteria apply.

Ellie Finnerty received a THF bursary in 2014 to help pay for professional singing lessons – and hasn’t looked back! Now 21, she is a singer/songwriter who writes honest and witty lyrics based on real life experiences, with a mission to spread positivity through her music.

Her latest venture during the pandemic, when performing and touring have been impossible, is to create a lyric video for her song 'Six Pound Forty', using words from the song illustrated by friends, family and supporters edited together to create a lyric video due to be posted on YouTube on release day, May 21st.

All the best with your venture, Ellie!

STOP PRESS! Ellie is flying off to Greece and Turkey where she has contracts as a singer in a variety of holiday destinations. Go, go, go girl!


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