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Founded in 2019 by inspirational Scottish violinist and music education advocate Nicola Benedetti, The Benedetti Foundation is passionately committed to enriching the UK’s music education networks and communities.

Nicola won the BBC Young Musician of the Year competition in 2004 when she was 16. In addition to a tutor team comprising the best educators and performers from across the UK and beyond, The Benedetti Foundation strives to unite those who believe music is integral to a great education. Recently, THF provided financial support to enable Benedetti workshops in Decoy, Abbotskerswell and Highweek primary schools. Emma Hopkins from Highweek writes:

"Key Stage 2 were lucky to have a music workshop organised by the Benedetti Foundation and the Helen Foundation. The children enjoyed having a go at body percussion and singing together in rounds as well as listening to the Vibraphone and Cajon."

The children said:

"On Monday 5th of December we had The Benedetti Foundation come to our school to run a music workshop. We had fun trying out body percussion. It was really tricky keeping the beat, especially when Callum was playing akai horn. The vibraphone was cool too because at first it sounded like a phone ringtone! We really enjoyed the workshop so thank you to the Devon Music Education Hub for organising this and The Helen Foundation for supporting it too.

"I really enjoyed the music workshop. My favourite part was singing in a group. It sounded really cool when we were singing different parts at the same time! I loved all the different sounds I heard that day!

Two THF trustees visited the Highweek workshop and can testify to the creativity and effectiveness of the workshop that engaged the children in exciting and challenging musical experiences from start to finish. Terrific.


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