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An apology

The Helen Foundation has a sincere apology to make in relation to the piece published in April on the relaunch of the THF website. In very justly thanking Lloyd Hardwick for his decade-long pro bono support of THF in the management and development of a series of THF websites, we neglected to acknowledge the fact that for the vital first five years of THF’s existence  (2006-2010) two further friends of the trustees played the key roles. James Ryder developed the very first THF website that saw us launched into cyberspace, in creative collaboration on the graphic design side with Daniel Saint.  James continued, pro bono, to manage the site and update it during those 5 years and we wish publicly to thank him very much for this vital pioneering work.  

Graphic designer, Daniel Saint, has been at THF’s side since the very earliest days.  Daniel knew Helen through the theatre work they shared, and offered his services pro bono, as he continues to do today. Daniel created the now iconic THF logo and designed our letterheads and compliment slips,  flyers and advertisements, and keeps the logo looking fresh and up-to-date while preserving its essential elements.  You can visit Daniel's website here.

To both James and Daniel  -  a huge debt of thanks from us all.


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