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Workshop feedback - The Sew and the Sews

THF has  recently received feedback from the workshop held last month at Starcross School, led by Bridget Arnold. The children drew outlines of Antarctic animals like whales and penguins, then  transferred their simple drawings onto fabric, using fabric chalk. They then stitched that fabric to make a flag, resulting in a wide range of Antarctic-inspired flags.

I enjoyed the workshop. I have never used a sewing machine before. I need to be better at using chalk. I found the cutting out hard. I learnt I couldn’t cut my fingers off. I did enjoy it. Thank you for giving money for my school to have a lovely sewing workshop to make flags. It was absolutely great. I made a penguin with a blue background. Everything in the project was new to me. I had never used a sewing machine before. I learned how to use thread and material. I liked the flags we made because they were beautiful. It was hard to make the fast sewing machine be slow. I love the way we did the design because it looked cool. I would have liked it if we did more sewing because it was fun. I love sewing. I’ve learned that you have to be careful with the scissors because it looks easy but it’s harder than you expect. I love the sound of the sewing machine. I liked my design when it was finished. I love the zigzag and the straight line.


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