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Sketching and Painting workshop at Our Lady And St Patrick

OLSP Primary, in Teignmouth, used their annual THF £350 funding, along with their own contribution, to invite Devon textiles artist Helen Plant to work for 2 days with Yr 5 & Yr 6 on the theme of Rivers, their geography topic this Spring term. 

It was brilliant for THF trustees Annie & Roger to see Helen Plant kick-starting the art project, showing the children techniques for texturing and masking and creating exciting special effects, using wax, salt, flout&water paste etc before adding external decoration later. The students worked SO hard with amazing focus and absorption!  Here's what some of them said: Tessa - It's really exciting and cool how the colours merge together. 

Holly - Once you've finished, you can put a piece of paper on top and because it's wet, it will print another copy. I'm having so much fun.  Jamie - We're creating art work based on water and it's really fun! (painting over a solution of flour and water (starch) that creates a resistance against the paint ED.)  Ben - We drew images with candle wax and painted over with water colour type paints.The wax created the pattern as the paint resisted it. It's lots of fun. The work forms an excellent springboard towards a hoped-for large combined effort endpoint.... “Watch this space!” says Mrs Webber, Art & Design Co-ordinator of Our Lady and St Patrick. Trustees look forward to seeing the end result - it will be impressive!


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