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Promoting arts workshops in schools across Teignbridge is at the heart of THF’s mission to offer creative and inspiring experiences for the widest range and numbers of young people. THF works closely with Daisi, the Devon-based arts charity, itself dedicated to fostering “arts inspired learning for young people and communities.” Each year, THF offers schools subsidies that pay artists’ professional fees for particular arts projects for their young people, whether that’s in music, drama, art, sculpture, dance, textiles or printing.

THF'S 2023-24 offer is:

Primary schools: £400 for a full day arts workshop

Secondary and special schools: £800 for two full day arts workshops

Enthusiastic responses from schools wanting to make use of the THF 2023-2024 subsidies are already flooding in to Daisi. It's going to be another busy year.

"Thank you for your email. Cockwood would be delighted to take advantage of the amazing funding offer this academic year please. It makes such a difference and allows us to provide extraordinary learning experiences for our pupils which excite and inspire."


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