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Years 3-6 at Cockwood Primary School recently enjoyed a day-long workshop with percussionist James Carr that Helen Foundation trustees were able to attend.

Organising teacher, Laura Buttree, wrote to The Helen Foundation to say:

"It was super to see you last week at our fabulous samba workshop with James Carr.Thank you again for funding this terrific workshop. We had a wonderful day, with all of the children giving super feedback and making brilliant progress in their playing and also gaining knowledge of samba instruments, rhythms and history. They just loved making a very large collective noise!"

Workshop leader, James Carr wrote:

"Thank you for funding this project. I think the pupils had a great time! They got so much out of this workshop. Not only did they learn about how to play samba music, they learnt all about the social context context of the music - where it came from, the fusing and celebration of cultures as well as the impact that music can have on personal and social well being. Fantastic! Thank you for a great opportunity."


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