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THF trustees have agreed to support Evolve Music in their Sound Lab initiative, which comprises two innovative and high-quality music engagement and learning opportunities, targeted on, and led by, young people in Devon and Torbay aged 14-18 years with neurological differences such as ASC (Autistic Spectrum Condition) and SEN (Special Educational Needs).

Evolve Music wrote:

"Firstly, Sound Lab aims to engage young people with limited access to musical development and educational opportunities. We have learnt that opportunities for young people are mostly traditional. Our inclusive ensemble presents a unique and vital opportunity for more equitable access to music-making opportunities, with co-creation at the heart of the music-making experience.

Secondly, we will create a new online music club that we hope will complement our inclusive ensemble opportunity.

During the pandemic, young people have been isolated from their peers and social networks, and this has been heightened for young people within the Autistic Spectrum and those with Special Educational Needs. Our online music club is a direct and vital response to this, providing a safe and supportive platform for young people to share music that they have written, to make music, discuss music that they enjoy and to access inspirational music leaders, encompassing a variety of musical genres, to support and nurture progression and learning.

The programme is designed for up 100 young people to participate"

Very best wishes on an exciting project!


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