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Waitrose Teignmouth Community support scheme

Pictured from left to right are: Matt Norman of Waitrose, THF trustee Annie Kirk, and Diane Jolly of Waitrose

The Helen Foundation is hugely grateful to Waitrose, Teignmouth, for including the charity in its final monthly £1000 community support outreach. The share of the £1000

for each of the three nominated local good causes depended on the number of green tokens donated by the public.

A total of £413 was raised for The Helen Foundation and the cheque was handed over at a brief ceremony inside the store. The Helen Foundation was among the very first of the public-voted charity token donations, when Waitrose opened in 2014. 

Helen Foundation trustee Annie Kirk, said, “ Along with the hundreds of local good causes supported by Waitrose over the past five years, we are very sad to lose this lovely store.  The staff have been wonderful, every one of them.”

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