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Waitrose Green Token Scheme

The Helen Foundation s really grateful to Waitrose, Teignmouth, for including the charity in its final monthly £1000 community support outreach.

The share of the £1000 for each of the three nominated good causes depends on the number of green tokens donated by the public.

Bethany Andres posts the very last of the Green tokens for The Helen Foundation

Well done Bethany Andrews! She posted the VERY last of all the green Waitrose tokens, with the April charity appeal the final one for our sadly soon-to-depart Waitrose.

A total of £412 for The Helen Foundation means that as ever, generosity to our Helen’s legacy was fantastic.  

Thank you ALL who visited Waitrose and chose THF, just as you did for the very FIRST of the public-voted charity token donations, when Waitrose opened in 2014. 

Very sad to lose this lovely store, supporting local good causes as it does. The staff have been wonderful, every one of them.


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