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THF Bursaries awarded - Feb 2019

Trustees of THF have approved six new bursaries so far this year, totalling over £2000, to young musicians in Teignbridge with talents and ambitions in the arts but whose families lack the financial means to help them pursue their dreams. With lessons held at JJ's Arts Academy, Newton Abbot, headed by inspirational musician Joanna Walling, these youngsters have already made excellent progress and are ambitious for further successes.  Examples of Joanna's comments on students include: 

"Her singing teacher has put her forward for Grade 5.  It is very impressive that she is ready for this important exam."

"I support her application this year as I know how important this weekly session is to her and how it underpins the other plates she has spinning in her life!"

"His family are highly supportive and he never misses a lesson.  He is a very talented student and it is a joy to watch his progress."

The students themselves write:

"My aim is to reach grade 8. My lessons also help me to be me!  And now I get lots of solos and rôles at school as well."

"Singing means so much to me. I am currently at Grade 5 with an exam in a few months.  My lessons in singing help create a clear gateway into the music sector and I am also learning musical theory which again helps with my wish to take music in college.  Lessons enable me to express my emotions and give me a special hour a week of doing something I love and enjoy" We wish all THF bursary holders every success this year!


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