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The Helen Foundation Award is presented in schools throughout Teignbridge in recognition of those young people who have shown "best endeavour in the arts" in their school or college. Summer brought a raft of awards and here we feature Riley Fryer from Trinity School whose glowing citation includes:

"Riley has been selected for his all-round contributions to performing arts in Trinity as primarily evidenced through his involvement in our major production of The Lion King Jr. Riley took the role of Timon displaying great charisma, stage presence and comic timing as well as excellent vocal performances on stage."

"However, Riley’s involvement in the show was not purely as a performer. Riley has a keen interest in electronics and voluntarily became involved in the production of the show as well, teaching himself to use a sound mixing desk and helping design and programme lighting effects. He was also the follow-spot operator for scenes he did not appear in and assisted with prop management as well! For his talent, passion and initiative both on and off stage, we have chosen Riley to receive this year's Helen Foundation Award."



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