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The Helen Foundation continues to receive positive feedback from their work with The Northcott Theatre, Exeter in helping distribute their Pay It Forward tickets for this winter’s pantomime season featuring a great production of Robin Hood. Theatre patrons donated over 500 tickets so that many families, whose finances would normally preclude such a treat, could enjoy a really special evening out.

One parent wrote saying:

"We would like to give all involved with The Helen Foundation ticket donor scheme and our school for selecting us - a huge thank you. We had such a fantastic family experience of a night out to watch the Robin Hood production. Having never been to a theatre or performance together before as a family, this excellent and incredibly funny and riotous show will be etched on our minds as the most memorable of events.

From start to finish, the performance engaged everyone, with all of us laughing out loud, from a five-year-old to his 50-year-old dad. As a family of five, we would not have been able to attend without the assistance of the donated tickets. However, we all loved it so much we will certainly be looking forward to saving up to be able to attend future performances.

With so many thanks.”


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