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New ways of donating to THF at no cost to yourselves via The Giving Machine

You can support us - at no cost to yourselves!  This is just the most brilliant scheme!

The Giving Machine is a new way to support your favourite charity - like The Helen Foundation. On-line purchases made via The Giving Machine trigger retailer donations – and it costs you absolutely nothing.

Most well known on-line retailers are registered e.g Amazon (2.25% donation), M&S (2.25% donation), Tesco (1.5% donation). You are kept informed of how much your spending has contributed to The Helen Foundation.

And it’s very straight forward: all that’s involved is one extra click before you buy.

Several THF supporters have already signed up, so please consider signing up now. It’s the easiest fund raising you’ll ever do!

For more information click here: The Giving Machine

Step 1. Click on the link above, register, and nominate The Helen Foundation using sign up code 266800.

Step 2. Download the Shop&Give reminder app. by going to:

Step 3.  If applicable, please Gift Aid your donations.  It means so much more comes to THF - and at no cost to you. Log into your account at The Giving Machine website and click on ‘My Account’ and ‘Edit Details’.

Step 4. Start shopping!  A small yellow and purple sign pops up in your web browser (except when shopping at Amazon) asking if you wish to donate – and with one click the deed is done.

Step 5. Why not suggest it to friends and family too?


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