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On a glittering Arts Awards evening at Torquay Riviera, Michael Chamberlain was presented with The Helen Foundation Award for his outstanding progress in arts throughout his school life. His citation reads:

"This year’s Helen Foundation award goes to a student who has been a ray of sunshine throughout their time at the college. They have involved themselves in the Creative Arts from year 7 and have demonstrated unwavering support for the Arts. Their creativity and ability shows no limits and each year they have been determined to be a better version of themselves, whether that be as an actor, musician, singer or film-maker. Their involvement in our many events has never gone unnoticed and over time they have become an exceptional all round performer.

The quality of their work is matched only by their kind nature and ability to make everyone around them feel welcome and loved. The staff have been privileged to watch this student grow into an exceptional young man and are continuously grateful for the time he has given them."

Really well done Michael!

Another whole school arts project on a Jubilee theme was at Christow. Over two days, artist Helen Plant led felting workshops in which all children contributed to a collaborative class piece to make a final display measuring 250cm square. The felting workshops tied in with the country-wide theme of a “Green Canopy” to celebrate the Jubilee with tree planting being encouraged. Landscape designs were explored based on the local area, featuring trees and using the Teign River as the ‘platinum’ element running through them all with silvery threads etc. all-roundIn preparation for the workshop, the children made tree and landscape designs.

The results are stunning!


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