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Organised by Daisi, artist Monica Shanta led a Helen Foundation-funded workshop at Kingskerswell Primary School. She taught young children from Years 3 &4 crucial aspects of shading and perspective based on close observation of 3D shapes. It was a well-focused and disciplined workshop that the children felt challenged by and clearly enjoyed! 

"I found enjoyable the drawing sounds when all pencils started shading away at the sheet. I also found enjoyable the shadowing and where the light touched the 3D shape." Eddie

"When the artist came I really enjoyed it because she was very kind passionate and talented."  Paula

" I found it hard but learned how to shade any shape with light accurately using pastels and sketch. It is the best experience of art I ever had." Zac

"It was a great challenge and very interesting."  Jona

"It was extremely fun and an enjoyable challenge and I couldn't wait to try my own draft."  Marie


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