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The Helen Foundation Award is presented annually, by each school choosing to participate, to the young person they judge has made the "best endeavour in the arts" in the previous year. This year, the award at Starcross was made to Jenna Soldi. Her citation reads:

Year 1 – I remember Jenna being very thoughtful and creative with anything that she drew, painted or made. She took her time to get things how she wanted them. Mrs Radcliffe

I can remember that Jenna was always creative even in Year 2. She always worked very carefully and imaginatively. Miss Hirst.

Year 3 – Mr Collett says: Jenna loves the arts and is always happy to create something – always with a smile.

Year 4 – Jenna, you have a wonderful creative streak not just in art, but learning the piano and dance too. I loved watching you (and Bea and Faith) in your dance show and I still have your beautiful moonscape painting with me at home. You really deserve this award. Miss Mann.

Year 5 – Jenna always thinks outside the box and puts her own spin on things. Miss Jackson.

Well done Jenna, keep up your creative enthusiasm!


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