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Glas-Denbury Festival - support from THF

Glas-Denbury Festival is one of the most exciting music events of the summer in the south-Devon area. The brainchild of Emma Twamley, the Festival show-cases a wide range of musical talents from the region and beyond including young people.

This year, THF trustees agreed to support the Festival by helping pay for the hire of a marquee for the Emerging Talent Stage.

Emma writes: "GlasDenbury Music Festival's Emerging Talent Stage showcases some of thearea's finest, young, upcoming music artists, offering them an area designed to give them not only an opportunity to perform but also to take part in creative sessions run by Soundlaunch.

This year saw yet another wonderful line-up of young musicians take to the stage with varying levels of confidence and it was simply fantastic to witness these accomplished young musicians, and to see the audience reaction.

We here at GlasDenbury are passionate about

nurturing young talent and we love seeing these young people come back each year, ensuring they progress to performing on our larger stages as their confidence grows.  We are so very, very grateful for the support of The Helen Foundationthis year which enabled us to continue offering this stage to young people.

We simply couldn't have done this without you."

Great work, Emma! Here's wishing Glas-Denbury every success for 2020


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