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On its Facebook page the school wrote:

"On Thursday, Year 6 had the pleasure of working with George and Rosie from the Double Elephant to learn how to screen print. The children collated their individual designs to create a wonderful collaborative piece. They printed onto t-shirts and a poster, which will be sold at the Summer Fair. They really enjoyed the experience and we would like to thank the Helen Foundation and Daisi for this opportunity.”

This was a highly popular and very engaging workshop that produced some outstanding feedback from the children. Here's just a sample:

"I love the name squeegee! The experience gave me even more memories of the school and my friends." Holly Rose

"I would report that this was one of the finest experiences in a long time. Thanks a lot for the experience of a lifetime." Quinton

"I really enjoyed this because I learned new things and it was a really fun experience." Zoe

"When the squeegee goes down on the board it makes a squeaky noise and it was really funny when it did this." Georgia

"I’ll be wearing my t-shirt all the time now." Ebony

"George and Rosie were really nice and really talented and answered all my questions." Grace.

"I will keep my t-shirt FOREVER!" Ewan


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