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Coronavirus and The Helen Foundation

In these exceptionally challenging times, The Helen Foundation sends this message of solidarity to all its supporters, bursary-holders and artists who make what THF does possible.

The arts have never been more important - enlightening us, challenging us, entertaining us, opening up new ways of experiencing the world, connecting us in shared experiences and giving us solace. Imagine all this time spent at home without music, films, theatre screenings, tv shows, video games, stories, dress-up, make-believe, singing and dancing, and the chance to enjoy practising arts and crafts.

We hope that those artists - young and adult - who are able to, can use this enforced home-time to  go on developing their art, ready to share their new creations with others (some are doing this already online) when life gets back to something like normal.

Sending everyone our very best wishes

Alex, Annie, Ben, Leon, Nicky, Roger and Tom


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